Bell’s Amber Ale

For a style in which beers can have varying amounts of malt and hops, shades of color, and thickness, Bell’s Amber Ale is a very solid representation of the style.  Hops and malt are balanced nicely and don’t produce too strong a flavor, which works hand-in-hand with the relatively light mouthfeel. Each sip begins with very light malt flavor and is refreshing.  Malt is the principal flavor, though it’s mild and yields only a slight sweetness.  The flavor is never overpowering and doesn’t fluctuate throughout the sip, but what makes this amber ale good is the balance of ingredients.  Because of it, each sip is smooth and yields a malt flavor that emerges just enough to notice.  Only in the middle of each sip does the hop element emerge to make itself known, and is so light it subsides before the finish. Though the hops are subtle, they lighten the flavor just a bit, which seems difficult due to the existing lightness.  After a while it can become a little filling, though it has nothing to do with the flavor, and a slight aftertaste can accumulate.  Bell’s Amber Ale is simple, but done well, and is a very good amber ale.  If you’re looking for a beer with richer flavor and a stronger malt element, you’ll want a brown ale, but this is perfect if you want a refreshing beer with a little extra flavor.

Overall                 8/10
Color                    6
Thickness            5
Hops/Malt          7
ABV                       5.8%


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"Good people drink good beer." - Hunter S. Thompson
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