Longboard Island Lager

kona-longboard-lagerThis Hawaiian offering is pretty simple, even for a lager.  Fitting into the “supposed-to-be-light-because-you’re-supposed-to-drink-it-at-the-beach” style, this lager is decent overall.  It’s smooth from start to finish and is never offensive, offering basic lager flavor that only appears in the middle of each sip and is relatively plain.  Despite the rudimentary flavor profile, what is nice is that Longboard has a little more body than other similar beers, such as Landshark.  Too many beers in this vein taste more like water than beer, which I suppose is the point, but while Longboard’s body reminds you that you’re actually drinking a beer, I’d still like a little more flavor.  Longboard is like Dos Equis with less flavor and just the slightest more body.  At no point did I ever not like Longboard, but I’d rather have something else.

Overall                 4/10
Color                    2
Thickness            4
Hops/Malt          5
ABV                       4.6%


"Good people drink good beer." - Hunter S. Thompson