Buckshot Amber Ale

On a recent trip to North Carolina I was able to enjoy a handful of beers from Natty Greene’s Brewing Co., based in Greensboro.  I really liked almost all the beers I tried from this brewery, and I’m here to review my favorite of the ones I tried.  The south was a relative latecomer to the microbrew phenomenon, but now is starting to produce some very fine beers.  North Carolina in particular was ahead of the game, and I thoroughly enjoyed what I had from Natty Greene’s. Without further ado, my first review from the south is Buckshot Amber Ale.

What I really liked about Buckshot was how balanced it was.  As you’ve probably gathered from other reviews of brown and amber ales, I expect a lot from the styles.  I believe the perfect dark ale must have a distinct malt or nutty element while not being too heavy and still refreshing.  Buckshot fit these pretty well.  For starters, the beer is very refreshing.  It’s body is enough to satisfy a serious beer craving while not weighing you down or filling you up.  It’s incredibly easy to drink, which is aided by the smoothness of the flavor.  The malt is strong enough to let you know what you’re drinking and deliver in the hearty flavor category, but it’s in great balance with the body and mouthfeel to be very well-rounded.  The flavor doesn’t “wow” you with anything overpowering or shocking, but delivers what it should.  At the finish only a slight residue remains, but dissipates quickly to rid any possibility of getting stale, and the satisfying sip is complete.  The only drawback is that after a while the nutty flavor that was at one point subtle becomes more apparent and builds, which can then get a little old, but aside from this it’s just about a perfect brown ale for me.

Buckshot was the highlight of my Natty Greene’s experience, but the brewery has many other good beers; I particularly liked Guilford Golden Ale and Wildflower Witbier.  If you’re in North Carolina, look for this brewery.

Overall                 9/10
Color                    7
Thickness            7
Hops/Malt          7
ABV                       4.8%


"Good people drink good beer." - Hunter S. Thompson