Summer Weizen

Smuttynose’s summer seasonal is a solid wheat ale, on par with what you expect from Smutty.  Technically this is an American pale wheat ale, and while not as outstanding as others that fit the style, it does offer something a little different.  To me, Summer Weizen is in between a wheat ale and a hefeweizen, and it works just fine. In the beginning Summer Weizen tastes more like a traditional wheat ale, with a subtle sweetness that isn’t bitter.  As the sip progresses, hefeweizen qualities emerge with more fruity flavors and a hint of banana.  All the while a wheat backbone links the two together, making the transition nice and seamless, and the finish smooth and uplifting.  This beer is very simple, yet it works.  The flavors aren’t robust, which makes it refreshing and easy to drink, which works hand-in-hand with it’s lightness.  Overall, this is a nice summer beer.  It’s never too heavy or bitter and is refreshing, ending each sip with calm hefeweizen qualities.  If you’re looking for a full-blown hefeweizen, though, this isn’t for you.

Overall                 7/10
Color                    3
Thickness            4
Hops/Malt          7
ABV                       5.5%


"Good people drink good beer." - Hunter S. Thompson