Lately, many breweries have been trying their hand at black IPAs.  Uinta’s Dubhe, an imperial black IPA, leaves a lot to be desired.  While the malt and hop elements are equally potent and noticeable, they don’t blend well and create a flavor that just doesn’t taste that good.  The malt component isn’t bad; it’s bold and chocolaty and yields a lot of flavor.  The main issue with Dubhe is the hops.  In-your-face for sure, the hops don’t fuse well with the malt side of things.  The average amount of hops you’d expect to find in an imperial IPA are there, but don’t taste very good.  They taste somewhat stale, aren’t smooth and yield very little citrus notes.  The sweetness from the hops, if any at all, is overpowered by the malt, so the only part of the hops you taste is the bitterness.  You taste this for the duration of the sip, and at the finish it only increases. The body isn’t too thick for what you’d expect of a black and imperial IPA mix, but the weighty flavors, mostly from the hops, make the beer seem thicker than it actually is.  Due to the subpar hop flavor it’s also less smooth than it would be otherwise. Eventually I didn’t want to finish mine.  You expect a lot more out of IPAs from the west, and this one didn’t live up to expectations.

Overall                 3/10
Color                    10
Thickness            7
Hops/Malt          3
ABV                       9.2%


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