Walker’s Reserve

Walker’s Reserve porter isn’t as stellar as some Firestone Walker offerings, but it’s still very good. Black in color with a head that’s both fizzy and creamy, the first thing you taste is chocolate and slight caramel.  The front end of each sip provides the bulk of the flavor, which slowly dissipates as it continues, but is never scant.  The flavor changes slightly in the middle, which to me yields oatmeal, yet still retains some of the chocolate.  Although the flavor peaks at the beginning, by the end the flavor is still very nice and yields almost no aftertaste, which works very well because this porter is very refreshing.  The flavor is rich and the mouthfeel is middle-of-the-road for porters, but Walker’s Reserve is still light enough to never weigh you down.  The chocolate-to-oatmeal transition is what sticks out most to me about this porter. It’s very drinkable and a great “everyday” porter: nice enough to enjoy often but still not on the top shelf.

Overall                 8/10
Color                    10
Thickness            7
Hops/Malt          8
ABV                       5.8%


"Good people drink good beer." - Hunter S. Thompson